Message from the Chairperson
“Non-Profit Organization Japan Information Security Audit Association” is established October 1st 2003, which contribute strengthening information security in Japan, through developing the Authorized Information Security Audit System (The System of IS Audit) which is enforced by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) April 1st 2003.
Our members are those of companies and audit firms which are executing Information audit internally and/or externally. The members are actively studying “what and how the Information Security Audit should be”, and also are managing the quality of Information Security Auditing and Auditors in Japan. These activities lead fair information security audit, so that the Information Security Audit System contributes to keeping our information society secure.
We partnered KISIA – Knowledge Information Security Industry: Korea – October 2010. It is the first step for the Information Security Audit prevailing internationally. We will expand the activities to Asia widely.
January 20th 2011

Norihisa Doi